Harry Potter Fan Fiction of Solstice Muse

The following are Harry Potter stories by the great Solstice Muse, rendered into MobiPocket E-Book format for PDAs. They can be read with MobiPocket Reader, which is freeware.

Cover Art (except where otherwise indicated) by Puguita

Eternal Sunshine of the Scourgified Mind
The trio have defeated Voldemort but paid a devastating price. How can they cope without each other and without any magical memories? Nominated for Phoenix feather award.


What do you do when it's all over and now you're nobody again? The rest of his life was merely an epilogue yet he was only 18 years old and had a lifetime ahead of him. What to do... This is a fairly short piece

Lost In Parasomnia

Harry and Hermione struggle to cope with Ron's sinister sleeping disorder while searching for horcruxes.

The Man Who Wasn't There

Companion piece to 'Lost in Parasomnia',told from Ron's POV,filling in all the blanks like his one sided conversations and the traumas he suffers. RECCOMEND YOU READ LOST IN PARASOMNIA FIRST!


Dumbledore kept him exactly where he was supposed to be all his life. When Ron turned 18 Dumbledore's spell had run its course. Now he learns to deal with a very unique problem... Time Epilepsy.

Lost For Words

Long after the final battle Harry is still at St Mungo's. Guilt is something mediwizards can't cure.

Words Fail Me

Overcoming war wounds, guilt and other people's prejudice, Harry returns to magical society while Ron gets sick of 'victim' status and strives for his independence.
Follows on from Lost For Words


Harry comes back to pick up where he left off with Ginny. He finds her a different witch, Ron and Hermione seperated and Ron seriously ill, and Bill with a son and no wife.What went on while he was away?

Within These Walls

Their Master has fallen and their people are in Azkaban. All the remaining Death Eaters have left is 18 hostages and one demand... but the Ministry doesn't negotiate with terrorists. Apologies to Puguita for altering her cover image (By removing the words "Coming Soon" and moving the credit copy down a bit.)